About us

Welcome to the furniture factory

Marko & Co 1990 is a family furniture factory specializing in the interior design of residential and commercial spaces, representative buildings and furnishing exclusive yachts and other vessels.

Since 1990, our team of designers, craftsmen and contractors has been guaranteeing the highest quality of interior furnishing, with a special emphasis on the Yacht program, Execution of works, Interior design and Interior furnishing.

Our values

  1. The tradition and distinctive style of the top majros.
  2. Manual work combined with high-tech solutions.
  3. Openness to clients and the ability to adapt and learn.
  4. Recognition on the international market.
  5. Priority on teamwork and cooperation.
  6. Relentlessly innovative and creative – we drive the industry forward.
  7. Excellent balance between private and business life, personal and professional development.
  8. We adhere to the highest standards of integrity and excellence.

Top quality

Excellence in manufacturing

Superior quality is imperative in our business. At Marko & CO 1990, we base our business on commitment. We pay great attention to every detail in the projects of making furniture for yachts, hotel and hospitality furniture, as well as furniture for private facilities. In our process, we never give up on manufacturing excellence.

Business philosophy

Our business philosophy is based on a personalized relationship with each client – without the unnecessary stress and with decades of experience, we help private and business users to express themselves through a space in which they will live, work, and enjoy. We are dedicated to creating beautiful designs that not only look great and keep up with the times but also support your lifestyle.

Local and international business experience

With extensive local and regional business experience, in the last five years, 70% of our production has been exported to the market of the Russian Federation, where we have equipped a large number of hotels, residences, and private villas with our furniture, which is made according to all standards for hotel and residential use.

Rešenje “ključ u ruke”

Our solutions are integrated, available in one place. From the initial consultation, we actively contribute expertly to each project in order to ensure top quality production. We adapt to trends, and we have nurtured the initial vision of commitment and quality for more than 30 years.