Execution of all works


The perfect coordination of design, products and execution of works by our experts gives the best results.

The first step in the interior design process is an idea or initial plan. We at Marko&Co 1990 discuss in detail with our client various vital design aspects related to style, floor plan, budget, feasibility, etc. Our designers will set a solid strategy and optimize the deadline for the entire production process. In the design development phase, we will also define and determine the client’s requirements, such as the required materials, but also all other details essential to our plan.



Regular coordination and supervision of the project ensures the highest standard and quality

After creating the initial design plan and calculated estimates, the Marko&Co 1990 designers will have another, final discussion to make sure that everything agreed is feasible and to dispel any doubts that the client may have. Communication between our designers and clients is free and open-minded. We will always take valuable feedback from the client and incorporate it into the design.



This seemingly simple statement is also the key that will ensure that the end result is client satisfaction. We at Marko&Co 1990 start from the fact that quality is a guarantee of success.

Together with our clients, we choose appropriate materials, while paying attention to the clear idea we have and avoiding unnecessary costs. We choose quality first. Price is not a guarantee of quality, our experience is!

At Marko&Co 1990, we combine our innovative techniques and tools for design and construction to ensure that each exclusive piece of furniture is individual to you.

Choosing a reliable company with many years of experience is a guarantee for the successful execution of an interior project to your satisfaction!

Expertise comes from experience, passion and dedication.

State your requirements – We design for you

The quality of the material is our concern – you decide

Don’t worry about deadlines – Punctuality is embedded in our tradition

Innovation is coming from experience ​

When carrying out works, our next trump card is a clearly defined time frame for the completion of works on the project. The alignment of our team of designers and contractors guarantees you that we rigorously adhere to pre-defined deadlines.

Marko&Co 1990, the company, with its many years of experience, has mastered the art of finding the perfect balance with the characteristics of the space and the demands of its clients.