Golden rules of success

Many years of experience and the great attention we pay to tradition have made the company Marko&Co 1990 a leader in furnishing interiors.

Furnishing a commercial interior is significantly different from a residential one, and our professionals know that the main difference is in the intended use of the space.

The commercial interior is equipped in accordance with the advice of the clients, with the aim of better functionality and a more attractive business environment. Residential interiors, on the other hand, are furnished with a focus on creating attractive, comfortable and functional living spaces.

That’s why we at Marko&Co 1990 nurture both types of designers, who have a good understanding of space planning, color schemes, furniture selection and types of flooring.

We make life better

For a dream home

These are our measures

Let's start with the basics

Interior furnishing in our company is coordinated with the design itself. The space we create for our clients is functional and aesthetically appealing.


Our design is stylish, modern and hotel-like, but I believe that less is often more. That is why it is important to provide our clients with simple interior furnishing solutions.

Who we work for

Consider the audience! When we furnish a residential or commercial space, we always ask who will use this space. The best arrangement and elements for the space come precisely from knowing for whom a certain interior is being equipped.

Details are important

What makes the space unique are the details. From drawings to finishes, our furniture is produced with special attention to detail. That's why we create a modern and functional space for you.


Furnishing an interior can often be a very complicated process. That's why it's important to work with professionals, because we're the ones who will make sure your new space has everything you want.

Our furniture by
ultimate trends

Stylish furniture

Our stylish furniture can be made of several types of wood. 80% of this furniture is made by hand.

Modern furniture

Modern furniture can be made according to your wishes. Your vision of a piece of furniture can be transformed into a real picture, ready to be enjoyed in your warm home.

Hotel furniture

Many years of experience and the techniques we have perfected in production make us professionals who can meet all your requirements, as well as the requirements of your architects.