Tradition and quality for your interior

Custom-made furniture is available in a wide range of materials and designs that meet all functional and aesthetic aspects of a modern space.

From a small craft workshop to a furniture factory

Since 1990, our team of designers, craftsmen, and contractors has been guaranteeing the highest quality of interior furnishing, with a special emphasis on the Yacht program, Execution of works, Interior design, and Interior furnishing.

Our services

Yacht program

We offer a complete interior design service for yachts of all sizes and types. We make custom-made furniture from the highest quality materials and with the latest technologies.

Execution of works

We combine innovative hand and machine manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest quality furniture for your interior.

Interior design

In cooperation with you, we work on interior design to deliver optimal solutions that meet the highest production standards.

Interior furnishing

Whether it’s a yacht, a hotel, public facilities, or a private house, our team of designers, craftsmen and contractors guarantees top-quality furnishing of any interior.

ProLiner measuring device - a revolution in the process of making custom-made furniture

ProLiner is a laser measuring tool that provides fast and accurate measurements of distances, lengths and angles. It’s a game changer for professionals in the interior design, furniture and marine industries, saving valuable time on every job with its precise results.

Why we are the ideal partner

Isporuka po sistemu ključ u ruke

Visokokvalitetni nameštaj po meri za transformaciju vašeg prostora isporučujemo po principu "ključ u ruke".

Eco - friendly

All the materials we use in the production process meet the highest ecological standards.


For more than 30 years, we have been confirming quality with constant improvement of production processes and quality of workmanship, which has been confirmed by many awards.

Top quality materials

Each piece of furniture is made of premium materials according to the highest international standards.

Superior knowledge

Many years of experience and the top expertise of our employees guarantee the success of every project. ​


The certificates we have guarantee top-quality service. ​

Designed for people. Designed for you.

See our solutions for yachts, hotels, hospitality facilities and private homes.

Private houses