Apartman 69, New York, USA

Marko&Co offers its clients the opportunity to give a modern apartment the charm of the old world. That’s exactly what we did in this apartment.

The client simply stated that he was bored with things that always look the same. Our designers understood and used the tradition and experience of the company.

Solid colors, clear lines, and a variety of materials define this design. Light plays a key role and that’s why we paid special attention to a lot of natural and artificial light.

Our furniture designs incorporate elements from many traditional styles and thus blur the lines between artistic and functional.


Creating a modern interior is always a special challenge for us. The married couple who bought this apartment like pretentiousness, but not excessively old-fashioned details. They appreciate minimalism and light shades.

Marko&Co’s perfect interior in a modern style is functional, with modern pieces of furniture, the right lighting and decor. It is simultaneously graceful and practical, comfortable and unexpectedly contrasted with traditions.

Our modern design style easily absorbs all innovations and is loyal to mixing different directions. Our inspiration comes from rethinking classic interiors and determination for the most daring experiments.


Uzimajući u obzir sve fizičke, emocionalne i mentalne potrebe naših klijenata, Marko&Co dizajneri koriste svoje znanje da bi čoveka udaljili od brizne kojom se danas živi i vratili mu udobnost mira u privatnom okruženju.

Naša ideja u ovoj vili je bila da nađemo vezu sa prošlošću i ugradimo je u budućnost. Ovakvi enterijeri su najbolja inspiracija za stvaranje mesta za život iz snova. Zbog toga smo se odlučili za luksuzne ideje sa stilom.

Ovi vrhunski proizvodi razvijeni su upotrebom tradicije dizajna i izrade ručno rađenog nameštaja. Na taj način smo pronašli kombinaciju koja savršeno odgovara ovom prostoru.

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