CAESAR SPA CLUB, Beograd, Srbija

The successful design brings the brand to life and presents it to clients in the way the owners intended.

Just one look at this club is enough to understand our success in creating interiors for the ultimate hedonistic experience. Luxury and dignity were our guiding principles, and peace is the result that followed from this furniture design.

This multipurpose space clearly shows that we are always able to respond to our client’s requests.

Caffe Lounge Bar Cascada - Podgorica, Crna Gora

Do you want your guests to feel relaxed in a modern environment? Have you ever seen a photo of a place and just thought, “I have to go there”? Yes, it’s this place!

Our designers were guided by the idea of creating a place for leisure and enjoyment. And the influence of the choice of furniture color palette remains unforgettable for everyone who stays in this space.

The clients decided on an all-day cafe lounge bar, which will create a new identity in the heart of the city, and we made it possible for them in this way.


Tradition and love for work are also our mottoes. That’s why it’s easy for us to get along with clients who combine proven and modern elements in their work. Enjoyment in every way!

Our client knows very well that the impression of the restaurant itself is created based on the entire experience. Interior design plays an important role in the whole experience.

Creating an environment that complements the menu and the interior architecture of the space is not an easy task, but we know that we are certainly up to it.

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Custom-made furniture is available in a wide range of materials to suit all the needs and wishes of our clients.