Development of a general plan for equipping yachts

Every new project begins with the creation of a GENERAL PLAN – GP. This harmonizes together with the exterior design so that they can be interconnected in the best possible way. All rooms, engine rooms, crew quarters, guest cabins, owner’s cabins, and public spaces on the facility are defined within the GP.

Preparations for the performance of work on fitting out yachts

Once the basis of the GP is obtained, the creation of interior spaces and interior design themes begins. After that, the selection of samples of all finishes, from our extensive collection of fabrics, colors, marble, and other materials that we use for interior design, is done, all with the final approval of the client. Also, in this part of the project development, all pieces of movable furniture are determined, including sofas, chairs, tables, beds, etc. the renderings we create represent a photorealistic illustration of interior design.

Creation of 2D CAD drawings of plans for equipping yachts

Detailed 2D CAD drawings are produced showing all plans, and elevations of each element including design details, and material references. Based on them, we continue to work on the creation of detailed technical drawings for production.

The production of furniture itself is a combination of our vast experience in traditional furniture production, with the most modern technology and knowledge, as well as the use of the most modern components of raw materials and top-quality raw materials.

Production of interiors for yachts

The process begins with the selection of wood. Wood is a natural material that makes every piece of furniture different. Before machining, each piece of wood is carefully inspected and sorted in preparation for production. We use the most modern wood processing machines. We also use CNC centers for wood processing, for the production of the most demanding shapes and pieces. Finishing is done by machine, as well as by hand, where all traditional knowledge and experience in woodworking are used. The latest special materials are used for the surface treatment of wood, which enables the product to be used in the most extreme conditions.

Selection of the highest quality materials and details of the yacht’s interior

Our expert team of employees also uses special materials such as sponges of different densities and hardness, and furniture fabrics with all IMO standards required for approval for use based on the required standards that are strictly defined.

Quality control

Our expert workers inspect each piece individually and carefully, and all semi-finished products are checked individually. Before each final processing, the pieces are manually finalized depending on the need. In the assembly department, all semi-finished products are checked again according to established procedures, packed in cartons, boxes, or pallets, and prepared for shipment.

Logistics and delivery of the final product

All the necessary logistics are precisely prepared so that our specialized assembly and installation team has everything necessary on the ground. Precise and professional fitters have many years of experience based on the creation of the most demanding projects and the installation of furniture on hotels, superyachts, and other luxury facilities.

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Custom-made furniture is available in a wide range of materials to suit all the needs and wishes of our clients.